Recent News

Recent News

Gaétan Gerber is laureate of the 2020 PhD award of Université Paris-Est.

Philippe became fellow of the Society of Rheology (2018).

Marie received the “public award” in the 2017 competition of « my PhD in 180 seconds » of Université Paris-Est.

Philippe is the 2017 recipient of the Weissenberg Award, of the European Society of Rheology (

Jules Thiery is laureate of the 2016 PhD award of Université Paris-Est, the award ceremony took place on November, 7, 2017 at Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire, Maisons-Alfort.

Meng has received the award of the best poster at the annual conference of the GDR Bois (

Philippe received the Silver Medal of CNRS on December 7, 2015. He organizes a reception on February 19 to thank his colleagues and friends (see pdf file)

A few pictures…

Philippe gave a seminar at Schlumberger in Harvard and Saint-Gobain in December, at ICMPE in January, May, in Total in April, in IFPEN