The group’s activity focuses on the rheological behavior of pastes, i.e. yield stress fluids, such as paints, cements, muds, foams, emulsions, toothpastes, gels, which can flow only when a stress larger than a critical value is applied. We study the flow of these fluids under different conditions: adhesion, dripping, extrusion, dip coating, sedimentation, two-phase flow instabilities, free surface flow instability, flow through porous medium. We are also concerned with various situations of water transfers in soils and building materials, with a particular emphasis on drying of suspensions or solutions in porous medium. Most of our works take advantage, through collaborations with the researchers of the NMR team, of the NMR and MRI equipments of Laboratoire Navier, which make it possible to measure the velocity and density fields inside flowing complex fluids and the transport and phase changes of liquid inside porous medium.

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